Saturday, April 25, 2009

Other names to be added

Waitukubuli Kalinago Arts & Craft Association (WKACA) - Theresa Frederick - KBA Carib territory (baskets etc)
Andy Manley - (furniture, interior design etc)
Julie Joseph - Loubiere (Fougere carvings and intricate wood carvings)
Israel Joseph - Carib Territory (excellent fougere masks)
Virginia Peter - Portsmouth (natural art cards)
Hilroy Fingal - Canefield/Delices (calabash ornaments)
Meskel Arts - Eddyford Lewis - Good Hope (wood carvings) 225 8701
Goerge Augustus - Calibishie (wook worker and calabash carver)
Din Chel Industries - Steven Dailey - Castle Comfort (wooden bowls an other items) 245 3100
Franky Phillip - Grand Fond - (variety of small craft items) 265 0949
Geraldine Sorhaindo - Delices (hand made quilts etc)
Elvis Stevens- Furniture maker- Bath Estates

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  1. Hi, my name is shelley fauntleroy. I was wondering if any of you know Ely Sorhaindo. I am his daughter. Is the name too common? Let me know please


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